How to distinguish between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries?


When buying a battery, I am often asked what size batte […]

When buying a battery, I am often asked what size battery do you want. This can be judged by the appearance of the battery, but when asked whether you want an alkaline battery or a carbon battery, many people do not have these two types of batteries at all. the concept of. So what is an alkaline battery, what is a carbon battery, and what is the difference between the two, I will talk to you today.
The similarities are:
Both carbon batteries and alkaline batteries have a voltage of 1.5v.
The difference is:
1. The capacity and output current of alkaline batteries are usually several times higher than that of carbon batteries.
2. In terms of power, alkaline battery 1.5V are more cost-effective than carbon batteries, and one section is better than six. The capacity of alkaline batteries will decrease with the increase of output current. For example, the same battery can have a capacity of 3000mAh at low output current, but when used in a load of 1A current, the capacity will only be 700mAh, which is less than the original 1/4.
3. From the perspective of usage, carbon batteries are used for devices that require relatively small amounts of current. Carbon batteries are suitable for flashlights, semiconductor radios, tape recorders, cameras, electronic clocks, toys, scientific research, telecommunications, navigation, aviation, and medicine. And other fields in the national economy. The alkaline battery is suitable for flashlights, razors, electric toys, CD players, high-power remote controls, wireless mice, keyboards, etc.