How to choose a mobile power bank, which one is better for a mobile phone?(1)


For smart phone users who did not know about mobile pow […]

For smart phone users who did not know about mobile power at first, let you become a master of purchasing mobile power.
Steps / methods
1. What is a mobile power supply? What is a mobile electronic device?
Mobile power, built-in high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery, with output characteristics similar to computer USB port and general mobile phone charger, can be used repeatedly and can charge or power most mobile electronic devices. Mobile electronic devices refer to mobile phones, digital cameras, game consoles, MP3, PDA, GPS, Bluetooth headsets, etc. I believe that in the first moment of getting the mobile power supply, more users are curious about a standard configuration of the mobile power supply. Then what you need to know at this time is some parameters of the mobile power supply.
2. Introduction of main performance parameters of mobile power.
Capacity: Unit mAh. The built-in battery capacity of mobile power is 550-10000mAh. General mobile phone battery capacity is 600-800mAh, general digital camera battery capacity is 1000mAh, general MP3 battery capacity is 200-300mAh;
Output voltage: imitate computer USB port and mobile phone charger, about 5V;
Output current: about 350 mA;
Charging time: using the original charger, about 6-8 hours.
Cycle life: After 500 times of full charge and discharge, more than 70% of the capacity is left. Of course, the original purpose of choosing a mobile power supply really experienced what is convenient and fast.
3. What convenience can mobile power bring to consumers?
Emergency: Mobile power can charge consumers ’mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices anytime, anywhere, and solve the troubles of lack of power in mobile phones at critical moments in similar life in the past
One power and multiple uses: With suitable adapters, mobile power can charge different manufacturers, different models of mobile phones, MP3s, game consoles, GPS, digital cameras, etc. Use it by yourself, you can save yourself the trouble of carrying a few chargers, and you can always help colleagues and friends around you. I believe that while deciding to buy a mobile power supply, users themselves have certain ideas and expectations for the mobile power supply.

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