How to charge and discharge the rechargeable battery correctly?


It is more important to charge a newly purchased rechar […]

It is more important to charge a newly purchased rechargeable battery for the first time. Usually the

rechargeable battery will be set to the zero-charge no-load state when leaving the factory, so the new

rechargeable battery needs to be charged before it can be used. In addition, the previous charging and

discharging conditions directly affect the future life of the battery. The correct method of operation

should be to choose a regular way to charge steadily, and try to fully charge it after exhaustion

every time.

First of all, we must adhere to the principle of "empty and full", and strive to fully release the

electrical energy before each charge. A big disadvantage of nickel-cadmium batteries is the "memory

effect", that is, the battery will "memorize" the power charged in the current time, and the next time

it is recharged. It can only be charged to the capacity of the last memory, so, If the battery is

charged halfway before the battery is used up, and so on, the capacity of the battery will decrease.

Over time, the capacity of the battery will gradually become zero.
Secondly, prevent mixed charging and mixed use. Because the technology and battery capacity of

different manufacturers are different. Therefore, different brands or different models of the same

brand, capacity of rechargeable batteries cannot be mixed on the same charger, let alone mixed on the

same device.
In addition, do not frequently use fast charging, and do not charge the battery that has just been

used immediately, as this will affect or shorten the service life of the battery.