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4, the advantages of mobile power. The mobile power use […]

4, the advantages of mobile power.
The mobile power uses a polymer lithium-ion battery produced by ATL, a subsidiary of Japan's TDK. ATL Company, a global leader in the polymer lithium ion battery industry, provides original batteries for many internationally renowned brands of mobile phones, MP3s, Bluetooth headsets, mobile DVDs and notebook computers. Polymer lithium ion batteries are inherently safe and free from explosion hazards. Mobile power, in cooperation with TDK, Toshiba, Digital China, Gionee and other well-known domestic and foreign companies, sales of nearly 100,000 units per month, peers far ahead. Looking at the electronic digital accessories market, the price of mobile power is prohibitive for many users. In fact, it is not.
5.Is the mobile power expensive?
An 800mAh original mobile phone battery has a market price of about 150 yuan, and the mobile power is 3 times its capacity. In addition, the product also distributes a high-quality charger worth 30 yuan, a charging line worth 45 yuan and 9 mobile phone interfaces. Do you still think such a product is expensive? Why do more smart phones on the market choose to configure only one mobile phone? Battery? More chargers show unqualified spot checks. Is your smartphone battery capacity still safe?
6. There are mobile power batteries using AA batteries on the market. The price only needs about 30 yuan. Is it more cost-effective?
Calculated by using the mobile power supply for 500 cycles, which is equivalent to using 1500 AA batteries, which costs up to 3750 yuan. Therefore, the latter is not only extremely expensive to use, but also causes severe environmental pollution.
7.Can mobile power supply charge all mobile electronic devices?
At present, the mobile power is mainly used to charge most mobile electronic devices using lithium-ion batteries, including most mobile phones, MP3s, game consoles, GPS, digital cameras and so on. Because its output voltage is 5V, it cannot be used to charge digital cameras, some MP3s using dry batteries, and notebook computers. At the same time, even if the voltages match, you cannot charge without the proper charging connector. Consumers purchase our products. If their equipment has a data cable, they can usually be charged through the computer's USB port; or they can find a suitable charging interface from our products before they can be used.
8. How many times can the mobile power source be charged for the mobile phone?
Mobile power TY128 can provide 7-8 hours of emergency talk time for ordinary mobile phones. It is difficult to define the number of charging times for different mobile phones due to their different battery capacities and different efficiency in charge management. The energy of 7-8 hours of emergency talk time can guarantee that the mobile phone will not leave the body at any time, and keep the power on at any time.
9. How about the product quality of mobile power? Is there any relevant certification?
Mobile power, large company production, big company agency, big company cooperation, reliable product quality. The key element battery used in mobile power has UL and CE certification. The AC charger used has 3C certification.
10. If I have a quality problem with the power bank I purchased, who do I look for?
During the product warranty period, if there is a problem with the quality of the product itself, on the one hand, you can directly contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement, or you can log in to the manufacturer's website at any time to find out if there is an authorized agent or after-sales service site in the local area.

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