How to buy disposable batteries?


(1) First, select the battery type and size according t […]

(1) First, select the battery type and size according to the requirements of the electrical appliance, and decide which type of battery to buy according to the power consumption and characteristics of the electrical appliance. For the remote control, ordinary zinc-manganese batteries can generally be used. Claim.

(2) Optimizing the products recommended by the management department of the battery industry, and purchasing brand-name batteries with large market sales and high quality;

(3) Pay attention to check the shelf life of the battery and buy the battery produced recently. For those batteries whose shelf life is indicated by the generation, it is generally difficult to identify when buying, you should ask;

(4) Pay attention to the appearance of the battery, and see if there are any signs of leakage;

(5) The manufacturer, battery polarity, battery model, nominal voltage, trademark, etc. should be indicated on the trademark. When purchasing alkaline manganese batteries, you should look at the model or whether there is ALKALINE or LR.