How to buy alkaline batteries


Many people in China are not familiar with alkaline bat […]

Many people in China are not familiar with alkaline batteries, but they have begun to occupy the market at an alarming rate. Its main advantage is its durable power, which is generally seven times that of ordinary batteries. In addition, alkaline batteries have a short initial recovery time, which is most suitable for camera flashes. The output is stable and does not leak liquid, so some advanced electronic products such as BP machines, remote controls, electronic cameras, etc. must use alkaline batteries. There is also a small secret: do not recharge is generally marked on alkaline batteries, which is for safety reasons. However, the alkaline battery itself has a certain electrochemical reversibility. When the power is not exhausted, it can be recharged for a certain number of times under low current conditions, such as the charger slow charging. Can be charged dozens of times. However, this method cannot be used indiscriminately. In addition, alkaline batteries that are “depleted” can recover a certain amount of energy after being left for a period of time, so intermittent use of alkaline batteries can have a longer working time. Alkaline batteries can be identified by the words "ALKALINE" or "Alkaline batteries" in Chinese.
(1) Do not charge the battery as this may cause the battery to leak or become dangerous.
(2) Pay attention to battery polarity to prevent incorrect installation.
(3) Do not short circuit, heat, throw into fire or attempt to disassemble the battery.
(4) Do not mix old and new batteries.