Fake battery appeared in the city


Recently, the industrial and commercial department of S […]

Recently, the industrial and commercial department of Shuozhou City seized more than 20,000 counterfeit Nanfu batteries in a battery wholesale store according to reports from the masses.
According to reports from the masses, Shuozhou industrial and commercial law enforcement officials and staff of Nanfu Company came to a small commodity distribution market in Shuozhou. At the beginning of the inspection, more than 100 fake Nanfu batteries were found in a booth. According to the booth owner, all of these batteries were purchased by him from other sources, and he did not know that they were fakes, and then industrial and commercial law enforcement officers came to booth 14 where counterfeit batteries were sold. Facing law enforcement officials, the stall owner has always insisted that he sold real Nanfu batteries, so the factory staff inspected these batteries on the spot.
Later, law enforcement officers seized more than 20,000 fake Nanfu batteries on the spot. Here we also remind everyone that due to the low cost of fake batteries, the use of cheap raw materials and inferior protective plates, resulting in excessive resistance and high temperature, which are very in use. It is easy to explode, so when you buy, you should choose to buy it from a regular store to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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