Environmental status and existing problems of lead-acid battery industry


 After years of construction and development, China's l […]

 After years of construction and development, China's lead-acid battery industry has basically formed a system and has a rapid development trend, and environmental protection issues have also made breakthroughs. At present, China's treatment methods and technologies for lead smoke, lead dust, sulfuric acid mist and water Already mature, all large and medium-sized lead-acid battery manufacturers continue to increase technical innovation, update process equipment, generally adopt environmentally-friendly and high-efficiency filter cartridge dust remover instead of electrostatic precipitator, use wet dust collector to purify lead smoke, use croquet The acid mist purification tower is subjected to sulfuric acid mist absorption treatment, and the flocculation reaction treatment of lead acid-containing wastewater is used to technically eliminate or reduce the environmental impact of pollutants, and the production operation environment is continuously improved, and most large and medium-sized production enterprises have achieved clean production. Some have passed the national environmental system certification.
 However, due to the following reasons, the pollution problem of the battery production process has not been well solved, especially the pollution problems in the production process of a large number of medium-sized and small-sized enterprises: the manufacturers are numerous, the scale is small, the pollution is serious, and the quality is uneven. Inadequate, some workshop-style factories that do not have environmental protection conditions are on the rise. About one-quarter of the enterprises have not been selected for construction without environmental protection approval. The pollution prevention facilities are not matched, and the production is not under strict environmental protection measures and industrial safety and health. Under the conditions, it is harmful to the operator and the ecological environment. The production license system does not strictly control the clean production and environmental protection facilities. Although China has implemented a production license system since 2005, due to some problems in the examination and approval and implementation, it has not really prompted manufacturers to achieve cleaner production. Many non-standard manufacturers have become legalized (currently the license-issuing enterprises have reached 930). Home), causing serious environmental problems. There are still many imperfections and unsatisfactory laws related to environmental protection. For polluting enterprises, the amount of fines in environmental protection departments is limited, and cannot be compared with the social losses caused by corporate pollution. In addition, the state does not specify a policy to protect large and medium-sized battery manufacturers, and the local environmental protection department also belongs to the management of small battery manufacturers, focusing only on the supervision of large and medium-sized enterprises, resulting in large and medium-sized enterprises sewage charges, monitoring fees, "three simultaneous" Evaluation fees and so on are heavy.

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