Domestic alkaline battery technology continues to innovate


With the success of the first publicity, the China Batt […]

With the success of the first publicity, the China Battery Industry Association, in the second and third years, will continue to publicize the domestic alkaline batteries with relevant departments and units.
Wang Jingzhong said: "The three years have greatly promoted the promotion of our domestic brand batteries. After the third year, the quality of domestic alkaline batteries has been the same as that of foreign countries. We are constantly improving and the cost performance is getting higher and higher. More and more better than abroad."
Why is China’s alkaline batteries soaring in such a short period of time, not only opening up the situation, but also improving the quality steadily and achieving great success?
Wang Jingzhong introduced: "We Chinese people love to ponder, so the technical digestion ability is stronger than foreign countries. We first introduced the alkaline battery production line from Japan, but the Japanese battery market has been surrounded by our domestic batteries, and now we regret selling the production line to us. Of course, the Japanese battery production line costs more than 6 million US dollars, earning excess profits. But I did not expect China's alkaline battery to develop so fast, the competitiveness will be so strong. We have introduced more than 30 battery production lines, like Nanfu, in use, During the production and sales process, many problems were found in Japanese equipment, so we continued to improve and improve. First, introduce, re-absorb, re-create, and make our own production lines, and use them ourselves. Not bad for imported equipment."
In this way, after digestion and absorption, and then create, in a very short period of time, China's alkaline battery manufacturers, relying on technological innovation, have gone through the road of foreign countries for a decade or two.
Qian Kunlin, deputy director of the Light Industry Chemical Power Research Institute and director of the National Light Industry Battery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said: "Our domestic alkaline battery production line is currently only one or two million yuan. Now the Korean battery production line, the cheapest rocket The company has more than two million US dollars, which is still much lower than the production lines in Japan and the United States. Like our Nanfu battery production line, the automation level is very high, and there are not many people in one line. The working environment is very good, clean and beautiful, and changed the past. The production of carbon-zinc batteries is dirty and black, and the smell is pungent. Now it is like a food production line, which can produce 600 batteries in one minute. The Japanese are now learning, communicating and learning from us. This is achieved by technological innovation. The results."
Now, some domestic alkaline batteries are better than foreign ones, and the brands are not worse than foreign brands. Some indicators of alkaline batteries are even better than foreign batteries.
Cao Guoqing, vice chairman and senior engineer of China Battery Industry Association, said: "In terms of continuous discharge of alkaline batteries, domestic batteries are very mature in terms of technology and product quality, and the quality is also very good. At present, American brand batteries are gradually growing in the Chinese market. Not only that, but we have also entered the US market in recent years. So the United States saw its own backyard fire, because the price can not compete, so set a high threshold, how to block the Chinese battery, is to use intellectual property, the Chinese battery Out of the US. In 2006, the China Battery Association organized domestic manufacturers and played the lawsuit for nearly two years. We won. The US market can't stop us now. The domestic battery sales in the US market have quickly doubled. Now there are one or two hundred million. "
Wang Jingzhong said: "There is a Nanfu (English) brand in the United States, and Shuanglu is called Shuanglu. Domestic batteries have more than a dozen brands in the US market, as well as OEM processing. American dealers are willing to distribute Chinese batteries. Because the price of Chinese batteries is very high, the profit margin of selling Chinese products is very high. There are many original alkaline battery manufacturers in Japan, and now there is only one left. Japan is now buying our batteries, we do not produce ourselves, and the production cost is too high. Our battery sticks its brand. It knows that our products are of high quality and cheap, why it is produced, it does not produce at all. There are two alkaline batteries in Europe, which are not produced now. The battery is technically leading, and there are currently three. Among them, Duracell has the largest output, and has set up factories around the world with a production capacity of more than 4 billion. The second has 2 billion, and there is one more than one billion in Guangdong. Alkaline batteries are developing rapidly in China, with an annual increase of 7.8 billion. According to this scale, China's batteries account for one-half of the world's battery production, and now nearly three. Bis of. "

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