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Batteries need to be stored for a period of time before […]

Batteries need to be stored for a period of time before they can be packaged and shipped
The storage performance of the battery is an important parameter to measure the stability of the overall performance of the battery. After the battery has been stored for a certain period of time, the capacity and internal resistance of the battery are allowed to change to a certain extent. After a period of storage, the electrochemical performance of the internal components can be stabilized, and the self-discharge performance of the battery can be understood to ensure the quality of the battery.

What are the components of mobile phone lithium battery and the functions of each part
The mobile phone lithium battery is mainly composed of a plastic shell upper and lower cover lithium battery protection circuit board (PCB) and a recoverable fuse polyswitch. Some manufacturers are also equipped with NTC identification resistors or vibration motors or charging circuits and other components.
The functions of each part are as follows:
Lithium battery: provide rechargeable power supply.
Protect the circuit board: prevent the battery from being overcharged and short-circuited.
Recoverable fuse (PTC): The positive thermistor plays a role of high temperature protection and at the same time is a double protection for protecting the circuit board after it is effective.
Recoverable fuse (NTC): Negative thermistor, which senses the internal temperature of the battery for low temperature protection.
Identification resistance: Identify original batteries and non-original batteries cannot be used.