Do you know what a used battery is?


1. The composition of the battery: the composition of d […]

1. The composition of the battery: the composition of dry batteries and Rechargeable Alkaline batteries: zinc sheet (iron sheet), carbon rod, mercury, sulfate, copper cap; the battery is mainly composed of lead compounds. Example: The composition of No. 1 used zinc-manganese battery weighs about 70 grams, including 5.2 grams of carbon rods, 7.0 grams of zinc skin, 25 grams of manganese powder, 0.5 grams of copper caps, and 32 grams of others. To

2. Types of batteries: The batteries mainly include primary batteries, secondary batteries and car batteries. Disposable batteries include button batteries, ordinary zinc-manganese batteries and alkaline batteries, and most of them contain mercury. Secondary batteries mainly refer to rechargeable batteries, which contain heavy metal cadmium. Waste car batteries contain acid and heavy metal lead. To

3. Number of batteries: Digital products such as DC and MP3 are developing at a super fast speed, and they are all using batteries. The use of batteries is increasing rapidly. If no action is taken, the phenomenon of battery hill will happen sooner or later.
Waste batteries look inconspicuous, but they are very harmful. If you know the hazards of mercury, cadmium, lead and other metal substances contained in batteries, you also know how bad batteries are.