Diligent charging and less discharge Electric vehicle battery winter maintenance is very important


Many people know that electric vehicle batteries are th […]

Many people know that electric vehicle batteries are the most important, so they attach great importance to them, and they are very careful in terms of maintenance. However, because there is no clear indicator on the maintenance of electric vehicle battery in China, there are different opinions. So, how to maintain the winter electric car battery? For this, the Asahi battery has something to say. According to years of research and experiments by Xu Pai batteries, it is best to follow a principle in order to maintain the battery of electric vehicles in winter.
The winter temperature is relatively cold, and it is very difficult for the electric vehicle battery. Therefore, when the temperature is too low, use the electric vehicle as little as possible and charge it in time, so that the electric vehicle battery can survive the winter safely. In addition, many people choose other means of transportation in the winter, put the electric car up, and the battery of the electric car is also placed.
For this situation, professionals recommend that the battery be charged once every other month. Although the electric vehicle is not used, it does not mean that the battery will not discharge. On the contrary, the electric vehicle battery will discharge slowly even if it is placed. This is an inevitable process. If it has not been charged, it will be found that the capacity of the battery is reduced when it is used in the spring of next year. The reason is here.
In addition, compared with summer, the vibrancy of electric bicycle batteries in winter will definitely decrease, so the speed and mileage will also be reduced. For this, it is recommended to use the pedals when riding, although it is possible It will be tired, but it is good for the maintenance of the electric car battery.
Not only that, the indicator light on the battery of the electric car should always pay attention to it. When the battery power is less than 50%, pay attention to the charging. Use it after each flush. Do not use the fast charging method. Large, battery capacity will be reduced more, and the ability to continue will be worse than before.
At the time of charging, it is also necessary to prevent a situation in which the battery is inserted after the power is first inserted. This wrong approach will cause certain damage to the battery. The most correct way is to insert the battery first, then plug in the power supply, and the first charge must be charged. For 12 consecutive hours, then control within 12 hours, whichever is eight hours, more than 12 hours or less than eight hours will cause damage to the battery.

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