China's lead-acid battery industry development trend


 Lead-acid batteries, which have been in existence for […]

 Lead-acid batteries, which have been in existence for more than 100 years, are still dominant in the market in the next few decades due to their low cost, simple process, mature technology, low self-discharge and maintenance-free requirements. The market space for power batteries may have an inflection point. It will still dominate the country's industrial development in the near future, and it will also have a place in the medium term. In the long run, it will continue to exist in applications that do not require high weight-to-weight energy. At present, its original main application areas such as automotive, motorcycle, and standby power supply have been greatly increased, and development of valve-controlled battery technology has also been developed in new applications such as electric bicycles and tour vehicles. , to meet the needs of high-tech power supplies such as UPS, power, communications and other equipment. Due to the continuous advancement of lead-acid battery technology, the electric bicycle industry has achieved tremendous development and contributed to reducing the pollution of fuel vehicles and fuel motorcycles. The development of maintenance-free technology and grid-grid technology has met the needs of the rapid development of the automotive industry. It can be said that the technological progress of lead-acid batteries in these application fields has made a real contribution to the improvement of national competitiveness.
 The demand for small mobile power sources in power tools and electric bicycles has stimulated the rapid growth of the power battery industry. Most of the batteries equipped with electric bicycles are valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries. After performance improvement, there are breakthroughs in specific energy and cycle life. However, there are still high-intensity, high-intensity, deep-cycle The shortcomings such as not long life have greatly affected the rapid growth of the electric bicycle industry.
 As a means of transportation in less developed countries, electric bicycles have developed rapidly in recent years, especially in China. From 290,000 vehicles in 2000 to 12.09 million in 2005, the average annual growth rate reached 174%. It is expected that battery products for electric bicycles will flourish for a long period of time in the future. More than 95% of the power batteries of electric bicycles in China use lead-acid batteries. In 2006, the market capacity of electric bicycle batteries was 4 to 5 billion yuan. By 2015, the output value of electric vehicles in China will reach 100 billion yuan, including 16 billion yuan of supporting batteries. The replacement battery in the secondary market reached 48 billion yuan, which is a huge market.

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