China Power Storage Party is sweeping away


In 2015, with the emergence of new energy vehicles, the […]

In 2015, with the emergence of new energy vehicles, the demand for automotive power batteries continued to rise, ushered in the vigorous development of the power battery industry. According to the rapid outbreak and observation of new energy vehicles, it is estimated that by 2020, China's chemical energy storage capacity will reach 67GW, a thousand times increase. All kinds of energy storage battery technologies are flourishing, and they are developing rapidly in the fields of large-scale power storage, household energy storage, and backup power storage.
In order to better help the power storage enterprises to cope with the market changes under the new normal, the 4th China Power Storage Battery Technology sponsored by China Battery Alliance, China Battery Industry Association Energy Storage Battery Branch, CCID Research Institute, and Tsinghua University The conference will be held in Beijing on December 28-29, 2015 with the theme of “Adapting to the new normal, developing to high technology, high quality and high efficiency”.
There are three highlights in this annual meeting. First, compared with the past, the content of the whole meeting is more abundant and more nutritious. Second, after the forum is over, we will visit the Beijing Charging Pile Demonstration Project to better understand it. The highlight of the finale is that on December 30th, the car companies will visit and inspect, let everyone know and understand. At the same time of field visits, they can share and communicate on the spot in time.
At the same time, the conference will discuss the current status of power storage battery materials, energy storage battery technology routes, standard testing conditions, commercial models of power storage batteries, and power battery recycling. At that time, relevant government administrative departments, standard-setting organizations, national grids, new energy vehicle companies, scientific research institutions, key manufacturers in the industry, user units, industry organizations and related media will be invited to the site.
According to the reporter's understanding from the organizing committee of the conference, the China Power Storage Conference has been successfully held for three times. Here, the industry has gathered outstanding experts, corporate executives and scholars from home and abroad. Here, everyone gathers to discuss topics and analyze trends. , covering all segments of the entire industry chain. It is not only possible to exchange learning with each other, but also to talk about business and old friends. The 4th China Power Storage Battery Technology and Materials Year-end Gala will sincerely welcome you to join us. Surprise and harvest are looking forward to your arrival!

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