Alkaline batteries rise from the predicament and become a development trend


In the early 1990s, in the disposable battery market in […]

In the early 1990s, in the disposable battery market in China, alkaline batteries representing contemporary technological progress and the highest grades were all firmly occupied by the famous American brand Duracell. Although alkaline batteries have a long service life and high power, they have 6 to 8 times the energy of old-fashioned carbon-zinc batteries. However, due to consumption habits and economic levels, they have not been recognized by domestic consumers. During this period, some domestic battery manufacturers also saw the development from carbon-zinc batteries to alkaline batteries, a path that developed countries have already taken. However, people were reluctant to introduce alkaline batteries produced by production lines. People just refused to buy them.
To this end, the China Battery Industry Association conducted a market survey. Consumers said: "Why do other batteries sell for 50 cents, why do you sell two dollars? Why are they so much more expensive than ordinary batteries? All domestic batteries are so good ?"
Of course, in the early 1990s, there were also some people who were the first to eat crabs, mainly those who played photography, and the popularity of point-and-shoot cameras. Because ordinary carbon-zinc batteries have low power, they can't take a few films. The store recommends everyone to use alkaline batteries and flashlights. The power consumption is particularly large, and carbon-zinc batteries are difficult to bear. It has been found that batteries such as American Duracell, Panasonic, and Speedmaster are good, but they are all expensive, costing about 12 yuan per section. This discourages many people.
Wang Jingzhong, executive vice-chairman and secretary-general of China Battery Industry Association, said: "It turned out that alkaline batteries are the predominant U.S. Duracell in the Chinese market. In 1995, the association began to promote domestic alkaline batteries. Quality, there is still a certain difference with foreign Duracell. In any case, it is a world-renowned brand, and it has developed for more than ten or twenty years. It has very mature technology. So we have lower product quality, but we Emphasizing the introduction of cost-effective, although foreign batteries are discharged for two hours, but the price is more expensive than domestic, one domestic battery is only sold for 2.5 yuan, the minimum foreign market is 8 yuan. For a calculation, a domestic alkaline battery can get seven or eight Hours of discharge time, compared with only two hours in foreign countries. This is equivalent to domestic batteries cost several times higher than abroad, which is very affordable for consumers. "
Wang Jingzhong emphasized: "In 1995, our Shuanglu, Nanfu, and other small battery factories also had a chance to publicize the cost-effectiveness, and they rose up in just two or three years. At that time, the situation was very unfavorable. In the year of propaganda, the import production line of Nanfu Battery Loan collapsed and I couldn't hold it. From 1990 to 1995, domestic alkaline batteries did not open the market for five years. As soon as we publicized, we opened the market immediately. Consumption They started accepting it, and it was a very successful case. "

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