Abuse of battery hazards


With the widespread use of batteries, the troubles caus […]

With the widespread use of batteries, the troubles caused by used batteries are increasing, and what harm is the abuse of batteries?
Most batteries contain mercury, which oxidizes and rusts when they are disposed of on the Earth's surface. Mercury will slowly overflow from the battery, enter the soil or infiltrate into the groundwater, and then enter the human body through crops or drinking water, and damage the human kidney. Here, mercury can also be converted into inorganic mercury, which is converted into methylmercury by microorganisms and accumulated in the body of fish. After eating this fish, methylmercury can cause harm to human brain cells. The human nerve is severely damaged, and the heavy one may even go crazy. The sensational Japanese Minamata disease was caused by methylmercury. One of the No. 1 batteries rotted in the ground, and the mercury it overflowed was enough to permanently lose the agricultural value of 1 square meter of soil. According to experts, the first battery can contaminate 600,000 cubic meters of water.
The hazard is so great that it is imperative to solve this problem.

9V/6LR61 battery