About AAA alkaline batteries?


At present, in order to meet the design needs of batter […]

At present, in order to meet the design needs of battery manufacturers, manufacturers and consumers for the use and design of powerful electronic products, a new generation of high-tech electronic product power alkaline battery AAA is strongly launched. Consumers all over the world hope that electronic products are designed to be smaller, Achieve higher efficiency while being lighter.
In the process of designing electronic products, designers strive to make the project more compact and exquisite. The current design of a high-performance AAA alkaline battery, which is small in size and light in weight, is the ideal power source for trendy electronic products and has been widely used. Used in remote controls, Bluetooth headsets, laser pointers, LED penlights, Flash audio players and home medical products.
Using fully automated equipment, the design of new power supplies meets the needs of most consumers, and we also strive to cooperate with many original equipment battery manufacturers to help these backward companies realize the design based on the AAA alkaline battery industry and innovate the global headset solutions not long ago The leader GN has launched the world’s first Bluetooth headset powered by AAA batteries. The JabraBT2040 headset product developed is powered by a single AAA battery and does not need to be plugged into a charger for charging. It has also developed a pocket remote control for hearing aids. Hope Can provide users with the world's leading battery power products and solutions.
From the design of AA type to AAA type, today’s results can only be achieved through the continuous maturity of design technology, continuous innovation to meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers. As electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, we can see that the The demand for alkaline batteries is increasing, and their practicability is increasing. AAA is an ideal power product. AAA batteries are 42.5 mm in length, 8.3 mm in diameter, and weigh about 6.5 grams. They are more economical and do not require charging. s solution.