• What is the current status of waste battery recycling? 

    The most widely used industrial battery in China is lead storage battery. Lead accounts for more than 50% of the total cost of storage battery. It mainly uses fire method, hydrometallurgical process and solid-phase electrolytic reduction technology. ... More

    2020-11-23 News
  • Do you know the hazards of used batteries?

      The main hazards of battery products to the environment are the pollution of electrolyte solutions such as acids and alkalis and heavy metals. Different types of battery pollutants are also different. To Generally speaking, harmful substances in ba... More

    2020-11-16 News
  • Do you know what a used battery is?

    1. The composition of the battery: the composition of dry batteries and Rechargeable Alkaline batteries: zinc sheet (iron sheet), carbon rod, mercury, sulfate, copper cap; the battery is mainly composed of lead compounds. Example: The composition of ... More

    2020-11-09 News
  • Does the battery lose power or explode after spot welding?

     The voltage of the aluminum shell cell after spot welding is lower than 3.7V, which is generally caused by the excessive spot welding current that causes the internal diaphragm of the cell to break down and short-circuit, causing the voltage to drop... More

    2020-11-02 News
  • What are the common problems in the use of lithium batteries?

    With the rapid development of science and technology, the use range and function of lithium batteries have long been self-evident, but in our daily life, lithium battery accidents always emerge in endlessly, which always plague us. In view of this, Q... More

    2020-10-26 News