• How to prevent battery leakage from corroding electrical appliances?

    In our daily life, we often encounter battery leakage. No matter what kind of battery, the most likely problem to occur under long-term use is liquid leakage. Any type of dry battery will appear, including ordinary zinc manganese batteries and alkali... More

    2021-06-18 News
  • How can I buy the best battery?

    Many people in our country are not familiar with alkaline batteries, but they have begun to occupy the market at an astonishing speed. Its main advantage is the durable power, which is generally seven times that of ordinary batteries. In addition, th... More

    2021-06-11 News
  • The battery also needs to be "green"?

    Since 2011, the State Council has formulated the "Regulations on the Management of the Recycling and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products". It clearly stipulates that electronic waste disposal companies must obtain the qualification a... More

    2021-06-04 News
  • The potential market for dry batteries continues to expand?

    my country is a big country in the production and consumption of dry batteries. Because of their small size, convenient use, high energy conversion rate, stable and reliable energy supply, dry batteries can work in various environments and are widely... More

    2021-05-24 News
  • How to store the battery?

      Generally, there is self-discharge inside the battery, commonly known as "power running". The storage time and storage environment of the battery, especially the temperature, have a greater impact on it. Generally, the longer the storage time,... More

    2021-05-17 News