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    Color fix is for customer to make their products by their own idea. We provide OEM services to our customers. Please contact us for specific customization.

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1. Battery requirements To know the discharge time,quantity and packaging requirements of the battery from customer .
2. Quotation We will quote after getting the customers' confirmation based on 1.
3. Design drft Designing drafts for battery coat and package according to customer requirements.Confirm and modify with the client.
4. Making Sample After the customer confirms the offer and sends the sample order, we start to make samples of the battery coat and packing materials.
5. Mass Producing We will produce the products after getting the customers' confirmation and orders.
6. Inspection We will inspect the products by our inspectors or ask the customers to inspect together with us when finished.
7. Shipment We will ship the goods to the customers after getting the inspection result ok and the customers' confirmation.