Comparison of the advantages of nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries


Lithium battery or NiMH battery which is better? This c […]

Lithium battery or NiMH battery which is better? This can't be concluded. Both have their own advantages. It mainly depends on what kind of electrical appliances you use. For example, lithium batteries are more suitable for mobile phone batteries. However, for digital cameras, because digital cameras have a considerable demand for current, adding The power consumption is also much larger than that of the mobile phone, and the nickel-metal hydride battery is slightly better in the high current output.

Lithium batteries and NiMH batteries have the following differences:
1. The single voltage of lithium battery is 3.2 and 3.7v, and the single nickel-hydrogen battery is 1.2V.

2. Lithium batteries have no memory effect, while NiMH batteries have memory effect.

3. Lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals (cadmium).

4. The manufacture and use of lithium batteries are environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

5. The specific capacity of the lithium battery is high, and the specific capacity is the electric energy (wh) contained in the unit volume and weight.

6. The price per unit of lithium battery is high.

7. The lithium battery has a long cycle life.

8. The specifications of lithium batteries are more specific than NiMH batteries, and their versatility is not so strong. For example, AA size (AA) NiMH batteries and AA size (AAA) NiMH batteries can be used with AA size carbon batteries. Or 5 (AA) alkaline batteries and 7 (AAA) carbon batteries or 7 (AAA) alkaline batteries instead.