Should the battery be charged frequently or after it is discharged?


As the discharge is shallower, the number of cycles wil […]

As the discharge is shallower, the number of cycles will increase greatly. Therefore, according to this theory, frequent charging is beneficial to the cycle life, but there are a lot of chargers in circulation on the market.
Generally speaking, due to price factors and technical level, the charger has defects such as high failure rate, poor reliability, and low accuracy. Therefore, sometimes charging frequently will affect the battery’s performance.
Service life. Empty the battery and recharge, although the number of recharges is reduced, there will always be differences between the single cells during discharge, which may cause some cells to be over-discharged and over-discharged.
The battery charging acceptability will be greatly reduced, causing insufficient charging failures. In addition, due to the recharging after the battery is discharged, the charger will be overloaded for a long time and the charger will be easily damaged. Therefore, comprehensive
Above, we believe that it is more reasonable to charge once when the battery discharges 50-70% of the power, which is beneficial to the use of the battery.